( / ^ - ^) John loves how impressed Sherlock is with him when he makes corrects deductions, and how he makes him feel so adored by the way each time he does, Sherlock places a chaste kiss on his forehead, smiling "Brilliant, John." With each deduction he kisses closer to his lips until they’re parting lips in a sweet kiss, Sherlock gently nimbling on his lower lip, so full of love for his amazing John.


 Sherlock quotes: [30/?]

Oh, the wall had it coming.


"Did i hurt anyone?"

“My  m o t h e r  raised me to be bold.”


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start the day storm in my head

The name is Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221B Baker Street.


scrolling through some setlock pics from last year I realised

these pics (taken by a fan) show Ben and Martin posing for the promotional pics for s3


(yes, John’s arm is around Sherlock’s waist.)

this pic turned out to be this:


As well as this


which turned out to be this:


Okay, but consider this:

S1 ended with John and Sherlock thinking they were going to die together, but then they didn’t, and it took them a good couple months to find their feet again before taking on their first major case since that night, during which John was…


In the commentary for ASiB, Benedict says the following about the scene with the naked Irene Adler:

"I do love that the moment, the only moment that he verbally stumbles- and I sort of did it deliberately, was because I sensed a bit of competition in Watson starting to turn on the charm, and in desperately trying to get in there to impress I went ‘neagnaweknga’”

Which confirms what many of us suspected: Sherlock is frazzled not because brainy is the new sexy, but because Irene and John are flirting. I’ll leave you to your deductions.